• The Cleaners 2

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    K Chill and West have succeeded on their heist but must hire more people to continue the business. One problem lies ahead that they never expected.

  • When Country Meets The City

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    K Chill gets a call from his cousin to come to Houston. Only one problem he has never been to the city before. He is a country man that knows nothing about city life and gets caught up in a disturbing situation.

  • No Loose Ends

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    Lifelong friends Clyde and Judas embarked on a heist that ignited a tale of ambition, loyalty, and betrayal. Judas became ensnared in mounting debts and adversaries. Desperate for redemption, they alter their friendship forever.

  • The Cleaners

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    A pair of wisecracking friends run a cleaning service. Their lives change forever when they hear about an abandoned house with a stash of cash inside.